Energy Buddy

A tracking app that helps users reduce
their energy consumption and carbon emissions

Dubai Carbon is a division of DEWA tasked with the reduction of carbon emissions in Dubai. We were approached by Dubai Carbon to create a user center Mobile app. We created the Energy Buddy app to promote awareness of carbon emission and energy consumption.



User Stories

User story 1

As a young person that is concerned with the future of the planet I want know how my actions and energy consumption impact the environment. I am technologically savvy and use my mobile phone for pretty much everything, browsing the internet and staying in touch with my friends on Facebook and Instagram.

User story 2

Although I earn lots of money Dubai is an expensive place to live. I have noticed that the size of my utility bill is high and I would like to get some transparency into how much my neighbours are paying. I would also like to know if there is anything that could be done to reduce the size of my utility bill.

From this.

  • Social Media integration
  • Monthly energy/water bill reduction
  • Measure carbon emission and share it
  • Compare costs

Competitive analysis

As part of the project we did some research into apps with similar functionality. We found apps for both IOS and Android.


Wireframes and prototype


My next step was to visualize the user task flow. I started with some quick sketches and continued with creating high-fidelity mockups. Since we were going to use the mockups for user validation, we used as much real data as possible.


Visual design